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Technology Van Ru Credit Corp.

Van Ru has invested aggressively in technology, enabling our steady growth over the past decade. Our systems and dialing platform have been carefully selected based on the criteria of interoperability, flexibility, performance and reliability. Using these criteria, Van Ru has chosen to implement a multi-platform approach to our system. The majority of our business partner data is hosted on an Ontario Systems FACS application server. Van Ru also utilizes an IBM iSeries host, which runs a proprietary application developed by our internal programming team. Our production and backup hosts are kept in constant synchronization, which provides Van Ru with near zero chance for downtime or data loss under virtually any circumstances.

We have the ability to exchange data securely through a wide variety of interfaces including web, VPN, FTP, EDI, email, dialup, magnetic tape, diskettes and even hard copy printouts.

Our applications boast the following integrated and seamless features:
  • Support for real-time and scheduled events or tasks
  • Contract compliance modules to insure contractual obligations are met
  • Automatic Number Identification (ANI) to capture the telephone numbers of originating incoming calls
  • Skip tracing and credit reporting resources
  • Data archival and retrieval
  • Flexible tools for definition, implementation, testing and maintenance of business partner data
  • Complete reporting capabilities
  • Check-writing capabilities
  • Monitoring and tracking of every account from placement to closure
  • Optical imaging for the retention of all correspondence related to business functions