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The foundation of Van Ru's management approach is communication. We work closely with clients to understand their needs and goals. From the beginning of each project, our teams establish clear communications of the overall plan, timeline and success measures.

Van Ru takes pride in recruiting, hiring, training and retaining the most qualified representatives. It is our practice to dedicate representatives to specific clients, creating account experts. We train our representatives to meet client-specific work standards. We also work hard to ensure that your goals are our goals and reward our employees based on their performance in exceeding client goals as well as internal goals.

Concentrating on organic growth, Van Ru has the ability to develop long-term partnerships that allow for maximum recoveries. Van Ru commonly assigns dedicated teams to client portfolios, meaning representatives manage accounts for their specific client exclusively. This approach ensures superior understanding of program requirements, expedited up-training and proper staffing. Moreover, representatives are able to develop a better understanding of the accounts within their work queues, learning the nuances associated with their client's specific customers. This plan differentiates Van Ru in an extremely competitive industry and consistently places our agency among the top performers year after year, decade after decade.